These are the memoirs of me, a 14 year old freshman whose passion is anything artistic. My life tends to get a bit crazy, I guess I just need an outlet. There's going to be some of my original poetry, sketches, and just funky stuff I've found or made, as well as a personal journal.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Shes amazing. gorgous. && mine. so...whats the problem. ahhh whats not the problem? im so frigging lost. telling mommy? AH how? i cant predict how she will act. how she will react. sleepovers... are they done? holy crap. what am i supposed to think? ahhhhhhhh my mind is spinning. it wont stop and chill for a minute. a second. its just spinning round and round in this crazy world... but see my mind.. it spins the opposite direction of the rest of the world... its going clockwise. damn my mind to some eternal place of understanding and contempt.


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